One every hour.

For an entire day, take one photo every hour. I found this idea on the page of my fellow blogger Elisse, and decided to give it a shot (haha) myself.

It was a fun challenge that certainly made me look at my environment in a different way. It also made me painfully aware of how fast time really goes.


09.00 Wake up...

10.00 On my way

11.00 Garage sale

12.00 Celebrate the end

13.00 Sense of Sound

14.00 Eeffoc, sweet sweet eeffoc

15.00 School project in the making

16.00 Laundry

17.00 Schoolwork

18.00 Beware, beware, the golden hare... (It's huge!)

19.00 Friends & food

20.00 We are all made of stars...

21.00 Random laser is random.

22.00 A drink

23.00 Book + bed


To be completely honest, the picture with the laser wasn't made by me... but it features my feet! Let me know if you've ever done this photo-challenge. Or maybe you have another photo-challenge I could try?
Enjoy the new week!




  1. This is such a great idea, have to try it myself, though I already now I will not manage it :)

    1. Hey Gloria!
      It's indeed not easy, an hour goes faster than you think. I'm usually not good with these challenges, like the '365 a year' things, but this one only lasts for a day... So I picked a day where I thought I would manage, and huppa! And once you're in the mindset, it's pretty fun, as you look around differently if you realise you have to take a picture soon.

      Good luck if you manage to do it yourself! Let me know if you do end up doing it, I'm very curious to see the results or hear your findings!



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